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We are going to be a EU regulated crypto fund, to give you peace of mind

Future of Mining

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About us

Helios fund is the first Web3 project aiming to extract value from cryptocurrencies by creatively but securely exploiting every moment of their lifecycle. From mining/inception to DeFi applications through smart portfolio management, with every step to take place on the revolutionary protocol of mining finance (MiFi), a breakthrough algorithm of our creation. Furthermore, we are also able to reduce the expenditure both in terms of hosting and electricity, resulting in best returns to the customers from the very beginning.

A Pioneer Investment Fund

The Helios Fund is a pioneer in the digital asset world. Our team has launched
one of the first mining efficient funds that actively move different assets based
on future trends.

The world of finance is changing at a fast pace. Take advantage of new profitable technologies, in the digital world.

Get rewarded by trusting in our skills, we have a successful track record in the mining and finance industry. Our business model has been duly tested for best returns.

Get access to a cutting-edge financial business without the need of digging deeper in the technology. We take care about anything.

The world is changing, don’t miss the chance to capitalize from the emerging crypto industry, in the safest way.

Why Us

Work With The Best

At Helios, our values help guide our decision making and allow us to work towards are mission, serving you.


We’re extremely transparent with our practices and will remain in constant contact with our investors. Relationship building is at the core of our values and keeping a direct and credible relationship with our clients will remain the same throughout our journey.


We act on our processes and producers as they’re built for the now. As market trends move, our research team will act and follow accordingly. Helios is an adaptive fund that doesn’t stay static like rusty crypto funds have done in the past.

Future Of Mining

Mining and its future in digital assets are inevitable. We’re constantly analyzing and measuring the profitability of all cryptocurrencies to generate the perfect portfolio of cost efficient assets.

How does it work?

Every deposit we receive is going to be allocated in the MiFi protocol, which accounts for three layers of value creation: mining, smart portfolio rebalancing, and DeFi.

Deposit: The customer makes a deposit , we automatically put that money to work by using it to add more mining power to our infrastructure. The selection of the devices is operated by taking into account their cost-efficiency ratio and durability. The coin selection itself follows a duly tested algorithm of profitability.

Production: We produce a basket of different cryptocurrencies, in the spirit of diversification. Subsequently, those coins go through the Mi.Fi protocol, where a smart swapping strategy at the best market conditions and a DeFi integration are being applied. The final output will be a larger amount of Bitcoin, which we hold indefinitely.

Repayment: The customer will be able to withdraw his entire initial position plus the gains, any time he wishes.

about us

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A combination of favourable technical solutions and customer protections, enables you to maximize your returns.


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Helios Fund's Application For An EU License

September 2022 - December 2022

Early Bird Reservations

October 01 - Novermber 15, 2022 30% Bonus on fees

Prime Investors

November 15, 2022 - onwards 20% Bonus on fees

Super Early Bird Reservation

September - October 2022
40% Bonus on fees

Helios Fund Goes LIVE

November 15, 2022

MiFi token

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Public token sale



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Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

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Convert the newly minted altcoins to bitcoin every time we spot the best market conditions.

By following the steps below, we generate your gains.


Use the investors funds to purchase the best mining setup for both bitcoin and altcoins.


Proceed with physical mining of a basket of coins.


Convert the newly minted altcoins to bitcoin every time we spot the best market conditions.


Use the gains to cover the mining costs and distribute profits among the investors.

Executive Team

The Helios Fund’s team combines a passion for bitcoin,
finance, and full expertise on mining to deliver to you the
best product.

Francesco Madonna

CEO & Finances Lead





M. Zolla

Legal & Compliance


Software Developer


Mining and Board Advisor

Xian Zhang

Chief Growth Officer

Daniele Uggetti

Mining Specialist

Amit Khanna

Board Advisor

Dmytro Lozynskyi

Project & SEO Manager

Why to
invest in this project?

The Bitcoin as a store of value

The bitcoin hype is all over the world, wild swings and huge gains have made this asset class to be broadly discussed and ultimately adopted by both institutional investors and individuals.

We aim to offer to our customers who want to have exposure to bitcoin a tool which greatly lowers the risks involved in crypto-related investments, by generating a margin of safety.

We don’t extract value by predicting the market or exploiting its volatility like many other actors in the space claim to do. We simply take the value out from the technological process of mining, by generating a positive margin which we later distribute among the customers. Easy,clear, and reliable.

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