Outsmart Bitcoin Mining

Mine crypto, receive outsized BTC rewards / a revolutionary protocol for mining-finance

How Helios Fund works

Why to invest with us?

Experience the power of our cutting-edge MiFi protocol for mining-finance. From weighted device allocations to altcoins/bitcoin smart rebalancing, we've got you covered.

Easiest Bitcoin accumulation

HeliosFund delivers a unique solution to average into Bitcoin by offsetting both crypto volatility and the lack of trust in digital assets.

Easy To Create Wallet - Helios Fund
Send & Receive Any Time - Helios Fund

Deposit & Receive any time

Choose your favourite plan and relax, we'll take care of everything. No lockup periods,withdraw anytime you wish.

View Charts & Reports - Helios Fund

View charts & reports

Track your gains in real-time. Visualize perfomance and revenues directly on our platform.

Earn Passively - Helios Fund

Earn passively

Let our team apply our duly tested MiFi protocol.

How does HeliosFund work?

By interconnecting fractional mining to smart finance, HeliosFund is going to become your favourite vehicle for Bitcoin accumulation.Our strategy outperforms the simple Bitcoin mining whose base revenues are indeed guaranteed by our protocol.

Earn in crypto,save in Bitcoin

The world is changing, do not miss out the chance to capitalize from the emerging crypto industry, in the safest way.

What our clients and media say about us

“The best alternative to Bitcoin Mining”

..due to the difficulty rising, i was really uncertain whether or not to start mining. Well, thanks to HeliosFund's MiFi protocol i feel no more insecure about the results. Recommended.

Investor and customer

“True innovation”

..I am so enticed to partecipate into such a smart protocol, it's remarkable that a simple and understandable idea can be so impactful for the user


“Love their mix of safety and profitability”

..It's fair that the need to generate value from physical assets is becoming more and more evident over time. Shout out to HeliosFund to deliver extreme value on top of safety


“A legit mining solution

..HeliosFund looks like a legit company, their proposition is as convincing as a normal Bitcoin operation which mines altcoins as well.

Columnist at Bitcoin Magazine
The Best Crypto App - Helios Fund